Testimonial from our Project Director

Emma Staniforth | 7 September 2020

My body has taken quite a beating over the years. If it wasn’t the countless football injuries, the many clumsy related A&E trips or the fractured spine, it’s safe to say that these tired old muscles and joints are always deserving of some TLC. This is why I love nothing more than relaxing in a hot tub at holiday rentals and soaking my creaky, old, abused frame. This is never more true than when I have a bad flare up from my endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition that I’ve suffered from since the age of 12 and have endured debilitating pain for long periods, where not even the strongest painkillers manage to take the edge off. When away at one of these holiday rentals, I had a bad flare up and jumped in the tub in hope of some distraction for a short time from the crippling pain. Well; the hot tub did not disappoint.

Since that day, hot tub bathing has been the only thing that’s managed to diminish my pain, and yet hot tubs are generally looked upon as those luxury products that you only get to enjoy on your holidays or in those fancy footballers houses! Or so I thought…

When my M.D. decided to bring on hot tubs to the range of spa equipment that we offer, I couldn’t have been happier. We quickly became the exclusive Scottish distributor for Aquavia Spa and love dealing with the brand. The thing I hadn’t realised – before having the opportunity of bathing in Aquavia hot tub – is just how powerful a massage circuit they provide. In the many relaxing bubbling pools that I’ve sampled, these are by far the most powerful and therapeutic that I’ve come across; this was the main reason that Sal (our Managing Director) selected them to be our supplier of choice.

All of the spa equipment that we manufacture and supply is not only made to the highest standard but is specifically tailored to provide the highest quality therapeutic benefits for health and wellbeing.

I can personally say that I’ve reaped the massive benefits from bathing in my very own Aquavia Hot Tub, and Sal bathes in her home sauna and steam room almost every night of the week! We don’t just supply this equipment, we are all personally invested in our products and not only believe in the benefits they provide, but benefit from them on a daily basis.

If you have any questions at all about what our spa equipment can do for you, or wish to discuss finance on any of these products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Emma Staniforth, Project Director.