All our infrared sauna products are designed to offer the same levels of quality and luxury irrespective of size. This includes thick twin wall construction using only solid timbers, exactly the same principle we use in our traditional sauna models – unlike low cost imports. Seat depths are generous in nature. Different seating heights can be specified if customers have difficulty with low seats.



Industry proven ceramic heaters (96% efficient) are used in conjunction with medical grade stainless steel reflector and grilles to give many years of maintenance free service.

We fit heaters at the back, under the bench seat and inside the front of the infrared sauna cabins to ensure there are no cold spots.


A number of complimentary therapies, such as chromotherapy and salt walls, can be built into the infrared sauna cabin to further enhance the experience. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.


High grade timber from managed sources are used both inside and outside our saunas. All fixings are concealed for both comfort and aesthetics.

Front heaters are standard to avoid ‘cold’ spots. Please note this is not possible with a fully glazed front wall.

No treatments are applied to the inside of the infrared sauna to prevent unwanted toxicity and off-gassing.

The integration of latest generation high power LED lighting allows pure light without generating unnecessary heat in the ceiling and keeping running costs to a minimum.

With the option of a radio/CD player you can choose to unwind with your favourite music.