The five-seater Aqua 8 Spa has been manufactured for use within domestic and residential applications. Featuring one of the most complete massage circuits available, and with specific attention being put into manufacturing this unit for taller individuals, allows for a relaxing or therapeutic bathing session without experiencing any discomfort that may be experienced in shallower or narrower hot tubs.

The 48 hydromassage jets and 24 air nozzles featured in the Aqua 8, provides an adjustable pressure massage at constant temperature, no matter a persons’ build or height.

The hot tub is available in four colours and two different wood finishes.

Many additional upgrades can be made to the Aqua 8 Spa including the following;

  • Bluetooth surround sound system to enjoy some music therapy
  • Sophisticated EcoSpa system
  • Predominantly made as an in-ground solution, the external cabinet can be added on for above ground use.
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Available in:
  • Sterling Marble
  • White
  • Thunder Cabinet
  • Walnut Cabinet
  • Pearl Shadow
  • Graphite Cabinet
  • Solid Surface
  • Cameo
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Nine jets positioned to massage the upper back and the small of the back, plus three for the back of each leg and one for each foot.

The jets in this position work at full power to reach the whole of the surface of the thoracic region. This massage relaxes the cervical vertebrae, the shoulders, the centre of the spine, the upper back muscles and the small of the back to alleviate pain in the back by loosening tight muscles. The result is a feeling of deep relaxation for all spa users, from sportspeople, to home users seeking rest and pleasure, through to patients undergoing rehabilitation. Spa massages improve the circulatory and lymphatic system by eliminating toxins and stimulating the drainage of the lower limbs.

Five jets positioned to massage the thoracic region, plus one for each calf and one for each foot.

The five power jets in the Aqua 8 spa are positioned to massage all muscles used to move the shoulders, the middle of the spine and the upper back. As the jets have a wide stream, bathers can also massage their arms by slightly changing position. The massage to the thoracic region loosens up any tightness in the muscles used in moving the shoulders, the upper part of the body in sideward and twisting movements, as well as relieving dislocated joints or pain resulting from an activity not normally done or a sports injury. The jets on the calves have a calming effect on them.

Nine jets positioned to massage the shoulders, the upper spine and the base of the spine, plus two for each calf and one for each foot.

Starting from a central point in middle of the spine, pressure is exerted upwards towards the shoulders and then downwards, where it concentrates on the waist area and the base of the spine to give relief to pain resulting from bending backwards or forwards, sudden shoulder movements, carrying heavy loads on an everyday basis or occasional physical exertions. It is particularly suitable for people who carry heavy loads, athletes (discus throwers, weightlifters), sportspeople undergoing rehabilitation due to a sideways fall (motorcyclists) and tennis players or swimmers recovering from a dislocated joint. The two jets positioned to massage either calf have a calming effect on them.

Six jets positioned to massage the nape of the neck, the middle of the spine and back muscles, plus one for each calf and one for each foot.

The aim of massages to the thoracic duct is to attain well-being by relieving pressure in the back and neck as a result of everyday stress, bad posture or muscle weakness. In combination with the relaxing massage to the calves, in this position the body is better rested, which helps achieve a good night’s sleep as well as eliminating toxins.

Six jets positioned to massage the back muscles, plus one for the back of each leg and one for each calf.

Deep back muscle massage, which strengthens the circulatory and lymphatic system, to give a pleasant feeling of relaxation and relieve the effects of everyday stress and bad posture, as well as occasional aches and pains. The legs and calves are given a more powerful massage, which in addition to the lipoactive effects is also used in beauty treatments to firm up the body. In the case of physical exertion, a hydromassage to the calves has a calming effect.

General Specification

Spa dimensions (cm) 233 x 233 x 91 (± 1cm)
Number of seats in the spa (seats/loungers) 5 (3 / 2)
Water Volume (Litre) 1.610 l
Spa weight (empty - full) 378 Kg / 1,988 Kg
Spa massage pump 2 x 2.200 W / 3 HP
Spa blower pump 700 W
Spa filter pump 250 W
Electric spa heater 3.000 W
Power requirements: Low Amp (W)/(A) to 230 V 5.502 W / 23,9 A
Spa voltage 230 V / 400 V III


Number of jets in the spa 52
Spa with air nozzles 16
Spa with headrests 3
Spa with digital control panel Balboa System Control Panel x 2
Ultraviolet Treatment UV Yes
Spa with galvanised metal structure Yes
Spa with ABS Base Yes
Energy Saving Cover Yes
Colour Sense 5 LEDs + illuminated accessories
Stainless steel nozzles Yes
Aromatherapy Yes
Woodermax Cabinet Yes
Spa with pressure filter cartridge Yes
Spa cascades 1

Optional Features

Spa Shell Colours White, Sterling, Pearl Shadow, Cameo
Cabinet Coating Walnut, Graphite, Thunder
Surround Bluetooth Audio Optional
Programmable WiFi Touch Panel Optional
Pure Line Lighting Optional
Spa with double insulation for saving energy Optional
Design Line Optional
Technical drawings of the Aqua 8 model for home use showing the layout of the jets and the size of the spa. Download
Document with the technical specifications and optional features available for the Aqua 8 spa. Download
Guarantee Certificate Download
Operating Instructions - Hottub For Private Use Download
Installation Manual - Spa For Private Use Download

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