Steam generators are available in different sizes with some designed for domestic applications whilst others are better suited to the rigours of commercial locations.

A correctly specified steam generator should bring the temperature of the steam room to an acceptable level in less than thirty minutes.

The specification for the generator capacity will be dictated by a combination of the room dimensions and also the materials used for it construction.

Put simply, multiply the room dimensions (L x W x H) by ALL of the following factors which apply;

  • All Walls Plastic, e.g. Fibreglass, Acrylic, Cultured Marble, etc. (x 0.65)
  • All Walls Concrete, Natural Marble, Glass Block, Stone, Slate, etc. (x 2.00)
  • One Exterior Wall (x 1.15)
  • Two Exterior Walls (x 1.30)
  • Glass Wall in addition to door (x 1.15)
  • Marble Bench or Cast Iron (x 1.15)

We would always suggest choosing a larger capacity generator wherever practical as this will ensure that the desired operating conditions can be achieved quickly and without stressing the generator.

Please note that up to 9KW models can be connected to a single phase supply (240v), although dedicated cabling will be required. For models rated at 9KW and above, a three phase electrical supply will be necessary. In all cases please consult with an electrician to ensure compliance with the local regulations in force.