Whether wall or floor mounted, for domestic or commercial usage there is a wide selection of quality sauna heaters available including ‘hidden’ sauna heaters.

Generally available in power output from 2.2~24KW, there is a sauna heater to suit all requirements.

For domestic models the controls are typically integrated into the sauna heater whilst a separate controller will be required for commercial installations.

Please note that up to 9KW models can be connected to a single phase supply (240v), although dedicated cabling will most likely be required. For models rated at 9KW and above, a three phase (415V) electrical supply will be necessary. In all cases please consult with an electrician to ensure compliance with the local regulations in force.

The sauna heater is the heart of your sauna, careful selection will ensure a long and useful lifespan. We only consider products that meet our stringent quality and safety standards with long term availability of spare parts as suitable for sale

Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements.

If in doubt always select the larger capacity model.

Remember that any wood burning sauna stove will require a suitable chimney and additional thermal protection around the heater within the sauna cabin.

Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements.

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