Delivering exotic luxuries

In some parts of world, steam therapy is regarded as ritual and of great importance. Such as the Moroccan Hammam and the Arabian Rasul for example… At INCA we strive to deliver these exotic luxuries from around the world to your doorstep

Modern steam rooms have evolved from the luxurious hot baths of the Romans. Available with walls and ceilings made of plastic, glass or tiles to cope with the humidity and temperatures required during the bathing experience.


The benefits of using a steam bath share much in common with the benefits of sauna bathing, that is, the gentle heat and penetrating humidity relax your body, easing muscles and soothing away the cares of the day. At the same time the steam cleans every pore, eliminating toxins leaving your skin baby-soft and smooth.

Steam inhalation is well known to be beneficial for the respiratory system, opening up the airways can bring relieve to asthma and allergy sufferers. Congestion of the upper respiratory system is frequently relieved following a steam bath.

Steam baths are typically enjoyed with an air temperature around 45~50° but 100% humidity as opposed to traditional saunas which operate around 85° but extremely low humidity, typically <10%.

Steam rooms today offer beauty and reliability without sacrificing function.


Available for use in both domestic and commercial steam room environments and with a range of standard sizes or fully bespoke solutions to suit all requirements. From two seater domestic models to twenty four seaters anything is possible.

With a choice of individual sculpted seating, slatted bench seats or bespoke tiled solutions there is a steam room configuration to suit everyone.

Steam generators from 2~24KW able to produce 3~48Kg of steam per hour.

Choice of glazed doors – different styles and sizes which can provide wheelchair access if required along with a range of other steam room accessories.

Contact us for all your steam room requirements. We will be pleased to assist with everything from concept to installation and a full maintenance programme.

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