The steam generator must not be located inside the steam room but is normally located in a separate plant room. It is quite normal for the steam generator to be located up to 5m from the steam outlet. If the design dictates the generator will be located more than 5~8m away from the steam outlet please us call to discuss details.

The control panel may be located within the steam room for domestic installations however all controls for a commercial/public access steam room will be kept in a separate secured area.

Suitable drainage must be made available in both the steam room and the plant room as indicated.

Ventilation from the steam room directly to the atmosphere should also be provided. This is normally taken from the centre of the steam room roof and with the use of ducting allowed to vent outside.

In hard water areas the inclusion of a water softener should be considered to maintain efficient operation of the steam generator.

For commercial applications the addition of automated generator flushing and fragrance dispensers in the plant room are often useful additions as is an automated cabin disinfecting system.

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