Fantastic Clients and Merry Christmas!

Emma Staniforth | 19 December 2017

Here at Inca UK, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our staff have a very close bond and work here because we love what we do and job satisfaction is a massive part of our every day working life. The job is very diverse and on a day to day basis, we can be working anywhere from poolside in a commercial setting at temperatures of around 29oC to manufacturing incredibly bespoke units on site, outside in winter at temperatures of -2oC. Our staff can usually be found with a smile on our face while we carry out the work through our sheer love of the job, however, sometimes we encounter special kinds of client that really make all the difference to our daily tasks. Recently, Pete and I were working in a very unusual setting, manufacturing a bespoke far infrared cabin into a 16th Century cottage where most of the work was carried out on site, using the clients garage, at sub zero temperatures. Our client could not have done more to try and make sure we were warm, fed, watered and comfortable while we worked as he plied us with home made mince pies, cake, coffees and of course, delicious hot chocolates for myself – he must have read our blogs before we arrived on site and knew my vice!

While most of our clients are lovely to work for and we’re always very pleased to leave them happy and enjoying their new thermal experiences, clients like the one mentioned in this post, really leave us with a warm glow inside and make our work that more enjoyable! So a big thank you to all of our wonderful clients and we hope you all have a fantastic break over the festive period, keeping warm in your saunas, steam rooms and spa baths and we look forward to meeting our new clients in 2018!

All the best, Emma and The Inca Team x

…There were 2 mince pies but by the time I had taken my phone out to take a photo, Pete had already scoffed his!